• TODO: Macbook EFI installer

    I got something like the above message when I tried installing on my early 2008 Macbook Pro. Where can I follow the progress on this? Would love to use some snappy Arch instead of slow OS X, and Manjaro has display/video driver problems.

  • Hi. Have you checked out this Arch Wiki link on that particular machine here:

    link text

  • Thanks for the link. I have an nVidia card though, and I believe I tried the efistub option.

  • Honestly, then I don’t know. I’d hate to give you advice or directions that might prove faulty to your install on a Mac. Are you wanting to wipe Macintosh off completely and install on it instead Antergos? Or dual-boot?

  • Complete wipe.

  • So I gather that because you already tried efistub, reFind didn’t work for you and the nVidia drivers didn’t co-operate.
    I’m just curious, have you come across this here: link text I think it’s older. Other than that, man. I’m sorry. I really don’t know.

    By the way, that same Macbook link from the Arch Wiki also has an interesting link to a discussion. Your trying to install the kernel with a built in bootloader, is this correct? If so, here is the link from the 1st link to this 2nd link: link text

  • Thanks for trying to help. I’m not sure if rEFInd is the problem. It’s just that Antergos’s bootloader options don’t seem to cover my case and there was actually a todo popup.

  • Hi!

    Could you post the number and specs of the MacBook pro? Without that we are only clutching at straws here. The installation procedure could be a bit different depending of the model number.
    I have 2 MacBooks myself and I know It can be tricky but It can also be easy!


  • I’m pretty sure it’s a Macbook Pro 4.1 Penryn, early 2008, 15.4 inch, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor with dual-link DVI support; 256MB of GDDR3 memory on 2.4GHz configuration.

    I can’t find anything about what my lousy memory told me was an infamous graphics glitch, but I just realized I need to reinstall rEFInd.

  • [email protected] X.
    Try inputting this command into your Terminal. It might tell you a bit more to confirm your ideas of what your computer is with respect to your computer. lscpu
    If you do this: sudo cat /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id/* It will confirm for you what type of computer you have (***Since you mentioned that you ‘were pretty sure’— this is just to confirm for yourself)***. Hope that helps a bit more for you.

  • Hello again!

    When it comes to graphic drivers you cannot use the latest NVIDIA prop.drivers but the older ones are absolutely good enough.
    I did not really understand what is going wrong with your installation?

  • I don’t remember if it was a bootloader problem or a graphics driver problem. Antergos works nicely as a live usb so I’ll try the aforementioned command and reinstall rEFInd after I set up the usb again. Thank you all.

  • This post is deleted!
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