• Buggy login screen after upgrading to GNOME 3.18

    Just a note of information
    The issue is as described in the topic title. It affects both my machines running Antergos.
    After upgrading to GNOME 3.18 (by installing the system`s updates), the login screen comes up BUT when pressing ENTER to give the password, all I get is a white screen with the cursor arrow.
    I managed to login, because the exact spot as to where to type the password can be found by roughly playing the cursor around, turning from an arrow into a hand.
    On my other machine, there seems to be a graphical problem, too. The login screen comes up in pieces and the issue finally affects the time square , It splits diagonically. Half good, half white blank.

  • @judd
    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I know. It has been discussed in the forum quite too often. Quite a few Gnome users have switched to GDM ,mainly due to incompatibility issues with their hardware.
    For me, it was rather a note of information to the devs rather than seeking help.
    I`m prety sure it will be resolved soon. Besides, I find GDM to be a grey ugliness for my taste…😇 .

  • Both GDM as any manager logging, are more or less all the same, what achievement with GDM is that after the grub, do not shoot me that white snapshot until loguin, and that working nights and my tired eyes is not little, otherwise, all good!👌

  • Same thing just happened to me.

  • Wonderful. I just managed to update to 3.18.
    Can’t wait for the candy to come my way. Not!!!

  • Confirmed. Recent update to Gnome 3.18 demonstrates same issue with white screen and no visual illustration on where to place cursor to correctly login. I would hope that there would be a patch coming quite soon. Very soon…(hopefully).

  • @Modisc said:

    Confirmed. Recent update to Gnome 3.18 demonstrates same issue with white screen and no visual illustration on where to place cursor to correctly login. I would hope that there would be a patch coming quite soon. Very soon…(hopefully).

    I also and very soon, too soon 😆

  • @Modisc said:

    no visual illustration on where to place cursor to correctly login.

    The loging screen DOES appear, doesn`t it? At least I can get up to the point of the password field. Tfie problem starts when pressing ENTER to get to the password field. Then the screen becomes white.
    Well, as I said before, put the cursor arrow in the correct place beforehand and THEN press ENTER. When the screen becomes white, you should see the cursor arrow turning into a hand, when moving it around there. There s the place where you should type your password!👍

  • @anarch

    It’s being reported on the arch forums aswell. Apparently there is an extra package and the mirror’s are taking there time syncing it.


    I’d advice running reflector and -Syyu

  • @Wyn I have the updated glib2 and am still having the same white screen issue.

  • I love Antergos, but is sad the instability with updates, is the only reason why I miss Manjaro…

  • @Jackonline

    This issue is also being posted on the arch forums. The latest gnome update has been screwing with everyone’s login manager.

  • Well, it is not a problem of Arch or Antergos. Gnome is notorious for its “successful” upgrades. Hardly ever do I remember one without its infant deceases.😄
    So, the ones using Gnome should take into account the fact that something will go wrong and be cautious and ready to take some amount of action…
    From what I have heard from Manjaro users, holding back packages involves its own risks. No OS is solid stable and flawless…
    @Jackonline , really…how many times did Arch/Antergos proved itself unstable to you?? At least less stable than some other Os?

  • @anarch Thank You for the answer and the explanation, I love Antergos is my favorite and I think has the most beautiful UI and I’m using almost like a year ago… About your question, more than 3 times after and update I can’t login again and I have to make a new installation, like this time…

    Stable than other? I have try a lot of Linux OS, the most stable for me and If you have a lap-top is Ubuntu Mate, but I don’t like so much Deb, I prefer Arch, and I have try Apricity Os (is a beta at this time, no so much stable) Manjaro I honestly don’t like at all the UI and they took longer for updates but Is very stable…

    What do You think?

  • Asking for my opinion, I would say one should know a few basic things about any OS one uses .
    Talking about Ubuntu…how would you handle this GNOME issue if you used Ubuntu GNOME???
    Besides, ALL distros forums are full with problems, solved or unsolved (and the same goes for Manjaro forums). There are Manjaro or ex-Manjaro users here who have shared their nasty experiences (no hard feelings, I have already said no OS is perfect).
    When you say "Antergos is my favorite and I think has the most beautiful UI " which one do you mean? The good thing about Linux is that you have options to choose, modifications, even not using a DE at all.
    I have been with Antergos for almost 2 years. Most of my problems were because of my ignorance. My “serious”😆 issues in this period of time?

    1. Skype (resolved within an hour,)
      *I don t consider the present issue as a problem of the OS but as a bug of GNOME (which I saw it was fixed already).

    *****Why do you need to reinstall your system???
    If the reason is that you cannot login, I have explained how to do it at the beginning of the thread…

  • I agree with @anarch the majority of problem I’ve had have been my own fault.

    Recent Examples:

    • Used Unetbootn to “create” a bootable usb
    • Spent hours trying to get a 1 year old iso image to install antergos
    • Deleted MBR
    • Didn’t enable GDM before rebooting
  • @developers , I just got 2 Antergos repo updates (LightDM & greeter). I installed them but the issue remains…

  • @Jackonline said:

    and I have to make a new installation

    Its important to remember that you didn’t HAVE to make a new installation; you CHOSE to do it. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I’m sure you had your reasons. However, you shouldn’t blame the OS for your inexperience with Linux. As you become more experienced with linux you will notice that you are reinstalling less and less. I haven’t reinstalled my current system ever. I installed Antergos on it when I bought it two years ago and I am still using that same installation today. To be honest, I cannot imagine anything short of a hardware failure that could make me resort to reinstalling. You’ll get there, don’t worry 😉


  • @anarch

    Thank You for answer, You guy’s are right, but I can’t spend lot of time looking for solution or trying to fix it in the past I had spent a lot of time in my system and seeking to learn more, but today my job is at home and over the web and I can’t spend hours or days waiting for a problem fixed or finding the solution, anyways

    Thank You, I appreciate all your help and answers

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