• No longer able to launch chromium from terminal

    So, I’ve obviously changed something in one of my files, as it was one of the first things I did when I got antergos installed: launch chromium from a terminal.

    When I call chromium at command line I get this stderr message:

    [6182:6182:1009/020811:ERROR:browser_main_loop.cc(237)] Gtk: cannot open display:
    man: couldn't execute any browser from /usr/bin/chromium:
    Putting this stderr into a search engine has not turned up an answer for me.

    The b/ground to this is that I wanted to be able to view man pages in html (or try it at any rate), so, following
    a youtube instructional video, I input:
    echo $BROWSER, which returns:
    Then I
    export BROWSER=/usr/bin/chromium
    Then, using “chmod” as an example:
    man -H chmod
    which returns the error message:
    [6182:6182:1009/020811:ERROR:browser_main_loop.cc(237)] Gtk: cannot open display:
    man: couldn't execute any browser from /usr/bin/chromium

    Anyone able to help me fix this?
    Or point me in the direction of some good orderly advice?
    Thanks folks,

  • post a link to the video so i can watch this for myself and see

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF_XtCHSmL8

    It is pretty interesting in itself and worth watching in entirety;
    but to get to the relevant section:
    Start @: 6min16seconds

    2:30 am here, going to bed; I’ll pick it up tomorrow; thanks for jumping in!

  • i followed the instructions in the video and while man --html chmod gave me different outputs in the terminal I was in fact able to bring up the man page for chmod in firefox, chromium and palemoon inspite of whatever output the terminal gave.

    for example firefox gave me this:

    export BROWSER=/usr/bin/firefox
    echo $BROWSER
    man --html chmod
    (process:16190): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion ‘sys_page_size == 0’ failed
    and yet the man page for chmod appeared in firefox

    chromium gave me this output:

    export BROWSER=/usr/bin/chromium
    echo $BROWSER
    man --html chmod
    Created new window in existing browser session.

    also the brower displayed the man page for chmod in chromium

    and for palemoon:

    export BROWSER=/usr/bin/palemoon
    echo $BROWSER
    man --html chmod

    here palemoon gave no output to the terminal and yet it displayed the man page for chmod in palemoon

    So if you are getting wonky output, check your browser to see if in fact it displayed the man page or not…

  • also try the man --html instead of the man -H and see if you get the response you are looking for…

  • thanks heaps @Lizzi
    I find upon rebooting system the following is now happening:
    On entering:
    man -H chmod,
    I get:
    a clean launch of chromium, with this stdout:
    Created new window in existing browser session.
    However the browser opens at this dead link:

    I’ll follow it up to see if this link has been superceded and post back any good results.

    Thanks again for friendly helping hand.

    BTW, don’t know where you are with your command of linux, but I’m finding great help at the following
    youtube resource:

    The first 15 or so 5 min lessons provide a very useful intro for beginners and recap for (intermediate?) users of the command line and some core commands; then he sets the stage to teach you some scripting in the next 40 lessons!
    All about 5 mins, so very digestible and a very amiable guy, easy on the ear.

    Regs, Tex

  • try it with firefox or palemoon or midori?

  • Palemoon …
    Love the sound of this browser.

    I only use chromium because of its cloud feature in keeping all my bookmarks and settings across
    various devices.

    But perhaps its time for me to branch out and try other browsers that will manage this task.
    Does Palemoon store your settings and bookmarks?

  • it can it basically 64bit firefox

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