• Time to ditch lightdm in antergos?

    All the postings i have seen that people are having trouble with lightdm in some fashion perhaps its time to ditch it in favor of something else? Slim or MDM. What other options are there? Im using autologin so it doesnt really affect me much at all but i did logout of openbox just to see if i could reach the greeter and while i did get the greeter i didnt have a mouse pointer intigrated with lightdm. I dont care as i never use logout and prefer either shutdown or reboot as my system boot in less than 10 seconds. Having any dm with a login seems like a pointless step to me and i prefer auto logon anyway. Others might see a point to using a dm but i dont really, not on my current system. does lxde have its own branded dm and greeter? LXDM? maybe use that? Lightdm seems dead in the water. Thoughts?

  • Lightdm works better at supporting multiple desktop environments. Slim has been abandoned and Mdm is made around one desktop environment (Whatever mint uses).

  • @Wyn said:

    Slim has been abandoned

    Hi Wyn !
    Slim still use a netbook Acer Aspire One with Xfce4 and doing very well, plus how simple it is, does its function even better.

    Although no longer supported, anyone can make their own Slim

  • @judd


    Slim is still not fully compatible with systemd. As systemd improves Slim will eventually be obsolete, there are very little distro’s that do not use systemd.

  • Yes that is true 😧

  • So as a test i removed lightdm and installed MDM. Is there anything i need to run to make the system use MDM? Its been so long since i used other than the stock DM that comes with a distro that i forgot but it seems theres a command to run to use the new MDM…

  • im guessing this isnt it…

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure MDM

  • In spite of me having tried to help another fellow Antergos user and now am facing my own issues with lightdm, I don’t think that there is sufficient evidence to abandon lightdm. I think that lightdm is just as good as gdm (**using gdm as another login greeter, that is) **and both are kept up to date. Some mainstream distros are now using systemd (like Ubuntu). I can’t say 100 % for sure if Ubuntu is using lightdm or gdm, but what would happen if gdm got broke somehow? Then we would probably see a flurry of posts and threads on gdm issues. It’d be the reverse! and we would all be screaming helter-skelter looking like we were running about with our heads off from our shoulders about changing over to lightdm.

  • I personally haven’t had any problems with lightDM (except for general sluggishness)

  • Lightdm has been problematic on my ancient Apire One ever since I installed Antergos – I have not tested it on any other machines. At first it would start with a white screen. Eventually an update made it actually give me a login screen but sadly some subsequent update broke it and now lightdm won’t start at all. When lightdm is not working (95% of the time), I use lxdm for which I have had no problems whatsoever.

  • So basically i uninstalled lightdm, lightdm-webkit-theme-antergos, and lightdm-webkit2-greeter

    rebooted and reinstalled them all and it seemed to help a lot. ghtdmOf course i had installed mdm first and then switched back to lightdm.

    here are some guides



    also if you wish to enable lightdm with autologin after switching to something else then switching back follow this resource:

    https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LightDM and click on autologin link to go directly to that section

    maybe this post should be pinned?

  • i’m honestly surprised you guys havn’t transitioned to SDDM yet… it seems far superior to the older DMs available. I’ve personally relished in SDDM with the numix theme applied from AUR on my arch manually installed system. It already matches that antergos style we all’ve come to know and love :]

    it is really good with multiple DEs from my experience & i’ve had no problems with SDDM at all… which is unprecedented in my arch experiences. Normally, each and every core function I need to set up to get arch all pretty n stuff…comes with a temper tantrum and a wet blanket

    alt text

  • lightdm im thinking might be causing my issues also. cant log out anymore 👎

  • @megaman which de, wm are you using?

  • @Lizzi openbox. thats what you are using also right?

  • yes it is. try uninstalling oblogout then reinstalling it

    in fact yaourt -R oblogout

    then sudo reboot

    and yaourt -S oblogout

    then sudo reboot and once back in the second time try oblogout

  • @QuantumQweef

    Sddm is still made around Plasma, while Lightdm is general purpose. With how many De’s are supported you can’t favour with sddm.

    (And yes I use sddm myself, mostly because of Plasma and personal preference.)

  • As default dm, lightdm was working fine for me, but after some update or reinstall some time ago, it became super laggy for some reason. I reinstalled the whole system a few days ago and still had the same issue, I am now using GDM with no problem.

  • Also GDM is very light, is installed only 5 mb and 130 mb SDDM bears the …

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