• Installation of a dual boot system on a MacBook

    I’m trying to set up a multi-boot Mac system (MacOS, KXStudio, Antergos) but can’t get Antergos to run. The installation seems to work fine using the following partition scheme:
    sda8: boot: 300Mb
    sda9: root: 30Gb
    sda10: swap: 16Gb
    sda11: home: 176Gb

    When booting, there are a number of error messages before I’m told “unable to find root device” and "sh: can’t access tty; job control turned off
    [rootfs /]#

    I’m using installer 0.12.24

    KXStudio (based on Ubuntu) works fine. I’ve used basically the same partition scheme for it, but it required a small partition for bios_grub. I can’t see a similar option for Antergos.

    Any suggestions/help about how to get it working would be very gratefully received - I really want to use Antergos.

  • Hi!
    What kind of mac-machine? Model, number, year?

  • 15" MacBook Pro 6.2, 2.66 Intel Core i7 processor, mid 2010, Intel/NVIDIA graphics cards.
    Sorry, meant to include that info in the original post

  • Hi!
    Good machine!
    Did you follow a guideline of some sort when you installed?
    It can be difficult to get grub to work depending on the graphics driver you use.
    You could try rEFInd and then use gummiboat as boot manager. I don´t think it will affect your LinuxStudio. Remember that if you have updated your mac to el capitan you must disable csrutil booting from rescue partition otherwise rEFInd won´t install.

  • @AdamCWB

    Please see this post on including your log files. It’s quite challenging to help someone when logs are not included in your post to determine what went wrong.

    link text

  • Clover could work to boot all of them couldn’t it?

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