• Error before installation - Unknown maxwell chipset

    Hi Guys,

    Tried to install Antergos today and i’m getting this error below.

    In short, getting: unknown maxwell chipset
    no caching mode page found.

    Is there anyway around this?


  • im gonna go out on a limb here and suggest nomodeset to grub needs added to run your graphics card

  • @Lizzi How do I add nomodeset? The furthest I have gotten is that screenshot i linked.

  • @Lizzi this is where I am at. http://imgur.com/nQEd9v6

    Need a bit of hand holding :)


  • nope im wrong. thought it might be an older chipset but its a newer one. sorry. I think im way off base.

  • Can i get any help at all of how to fix this??


  • So, i sought help on reddit and apparently my usb wasn’t labeled properly.

    Antergos actually booted up!

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