The new mac os x is out and I have just updated. This made Antergos unavaiable as predicted. Reinstalling rEFInd in mac os didn´t work but I could boot Antergos with option-key! After searching the net for a while I found valuable info about how to get rEFInd to install and work! Boot with command-r and open terminal and enter the command “csrutil disable” and reboot. After that rEFInd installed and I was greated with gummyboat at next boot!
Apple has obviously made it harder to install anything else than mac os x on their machines and in the longer run they will loose.
A question. I will move my other “Antermac” system to another harddrive. I was planning to use the live Antergos on a usb-stick for this. I will then use “dd” to move the system to the new hdd.
Is there a better safer way?