• Reboot / Shutdown doesn't actually work.

    Hi there,

    I’m having a problem with rebooting / shutting down the machine. Each time I execute these commands (or do it via GUI) it stacks with black, empty screen and nothing happens afterwards. Is there anyone out there with similar issue, since I am not sure which logs I should provide to make the problem resolved.

  • I am not sure this will help, but maybe you could try
    journalctl |grep -i shutdown
    journalctl | grep -i reboot

    The -i is so that grep will search for either uppercase or lowercase.
    It might just have some information.

  • It appears there’s nothing special out there, in these logs. No error messages etc. Have you got any other ideas then?

  • Well, that exhausted my knowledge. Time for you to go Google-crazy… lol

    Maybe the Arch Forum?

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