• Yaourt problem

    When i want to install a software from AUR repository, here’s the message from yaourt :

    AUR error : Invalid query arguments
    erreur : impossible de trouver le dépôt : aur
    [[email protected] ~]$

    I have install antergos under virtualbox with iso x86-64 and xfce.
    I haven’t found the cure.

  • @adama88260 Beside the command’s output, could you provide the command itself? The one you use to install a package.

  • I use : yaourt -S + name of program

  • @adama88260 To install a package with yaourt there’s no need in -S command. The syntax is very simple

    yaourt [search-string]

    Yaourt will find all packages, in all repos, that start with the [search-string] , and will present them as a numbered list. Just enter the number of the package you want to install and hit Enter.

  • I do not know what happened, but it works now, maybe the server was offline. thank you for your response anyway.

  • @adama88260

    There was an aur update, it included a bug.


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