• screenshot app not working

    hey guys i am trying to screen shot my desktop for an friend of mine and it giving me hving and it hug trouble beside not taking it making the png - it givin me an white screen. i cant exit anything ,

  • @bluzeo Could you at least specify what DE are you using?

  • cinnamon

  • @bluzeo OK. That is the known Cinnamon problem in Arch-based distros. It is not related to Antergos.

    Gnome and Cinnamon use the same program to take screenshots. In both DEs menus are configured to call the program in intercative mode:

    gnome-screenshot --interactive

    When the program is executed, it

    1. briefly covers the area to be captured with the grey shield
    2. the shield goes away
    3. the file save dialog is displayed

    The sequence works without a problem in Gnome. But it interrupts at p.2 in Cinnamon.

    The grey shield dimensions are those of the area to be captured:

    1. a window, if a window was captured
    2. a selected area, if you capture an area
    3. the whole screen, if you capture the screen

    The file save dialog is still displayed in Cinnamon. But it may be hidden behind the grey shield. If you capture a window or an area, not in the center of the screen, then you’ll see it. Once the file save dialog is closed, the grey shield immediately goes away.

    But if you capture the whole screen, or a window/area in the center of the screen, you’ll not be able to see it.

    I’m not aware of a solution for this problem. And use either of two workarounds, when in need to capture the whole screen in Cinnamon.

    1st workaround

    1. Start gnome-screenshot from menu, normally
    2. Grab the whole screen
    3. (The file save dialog is hidden behind the shield)
    4. Hit the [Enter] key. This saves the screenshot with the default name, in the default pictures directory. It’s usually ~/Pictures

    2nd workaround

    1. Run gnome-screenshot in non-interactive mode:

      • Alt+F2
      • gnome-screenshot
      • Enter
    2. In non-interactive mode the whole screen is captured, the shot is saved in the default pictures dir, with default name, the grey shield goes away immediately

  • ok man - i am about to just reinstall and use mate - mate screen shoot works

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