• How Can I Reset or Fix Something I probably messed up in Power, Lock, Lightlocker, logind.conf, and possibly other things...

    Hello everyone. I installed Antergos last night and am totally loving it so far. I definitely like the ‘pacman -S’ feature much more than ‘apt-get install’ like I was used to with other Ubuntu-based distros.

    There are a few problems that I’m having, which I think it was probably something I did to Gnome3 in Settings, Tweak Tool, and/or ‘sudo gedit /etc/systemd/logind.conf’

    Here’s my logind.conf settings:

    Here’s what I’d like my Antergos Gnome3 to do. Maybe by describing it, someone will tell me what to do in order to get my laptop to work as I’d like it to.

    1. When on AC, closing the lid turns off the screen. It will not lock nor will it put the computer to sleep, suspend, or hibernate. Closing the screen when plugged in simply turns off the screen but keeps everything running.

    2. When on Battery, closing the makes the laptop to Suspend, but not locked. I want to be able to open the lid and get right back into my desktop without entering my password or anything.

    3. The laptop never locks, I don’t want to enter my password when I turn it on, when I wake it from suspend, or anything like that.

    I attempted to do this myself, but obviously when I selected the different options in System Preferences, Tweak Tools and editing the logind.conf file has not worked at all. I think at this point, it would probably be prudent to reset these settings back to their default states and then go about setting it up after your instructions.

    So… in order to help me, I’d like you to answer these questions:

    1. How do I reset all those things to the default state? Is that even possible? If it’s not possible, what the hell should I do?

    2. Once the config and settings have been taken care of (either automatically set to their defaults or done so manually), how do I set up the laptop to do exactly what I said in 1, 2, 3 above? Is that possible? If it’s not possible, what do you suggest?

    As I said, I’m loving Antergos so far, I just need to learn a little bit more about it in order to fix the issues I’m having.

    Thanks so much!

  • @koesherbacon said:


    Hi, welcome to the Antergos Community 😄

    The first thing you need to do is edit your logind.conf and ensure that all lines are commented out (they should begin with a # symbol).

    Next, use the Light Locker Settings tool to disable screen-locking. Then select the appropriate options in GNOME Settings to take your desired action upon the lid being closed. Did you choose to log in without a password during the installation or do you need to set that up now?

    Best Regards,

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