• Quick Questions about Gnome & Wayland

    I’m totally new to Antergos and to Arch-based distros altogether and I really like Antergos much more than the Ubuntu/Debian-based distros I had been using in order to learn how to use Linux effectively. I’m really glad I found Antergos and I especially like the “pacman -S foo” and the AUR much more than
    “apt-get update; apt-get install foo” method the other distros use.

    Anyway, I have a few quick questions that should be pretty easy for you to answer for me. I’m using Gnome3 as my desktop environment right now, so these questions pertain to that.

    1. There’s an update available for Wayland in my new Antergos system, Wayland 19.0-1. Should I upgrade it or keep it at whatever version that’s currently installed? In the Terminal or another method, how can I see what the current version that’s installed?

    2. When I log out, I can select to login with regular Gnome or Gnome Wayland. Which should I choose and why?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi (again) 😉

    Wayland support is not ready for production use. It is only available for those who want to test it. You should always install available updates no matter which package the update is for. Due to the rolling release model we follow, new updates are made available frequently–almost on a daily basis. We recommend installing updates at least once per week. Coming from Ubuntu-based distros, you might find the following wiki articles helpful:



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