• [solved] /usr is not mounting : "Bailing out, you are on your own. Good luck"

    'Installed Antergos via Cnchi 0.12.24. Very early after selecting
    Antergos in GRUB, the booting stops and I get the following error
    message on the console. Is it not mounting?

    starting version 226
    /dev/sda6: clean, 1920/524288 files 74447/2097152 blocks
    ERROR: Root device mounted successfully, but /sbin/init does not exist.
    Bailing out, you are on your own. Good luck.
    sh: can't access tty; job control turned off
    [rootfs /]#

    But /sbin/init is in its place on the /usr-partition. Here is /etc/fstab :

    UUID=3825b676-8b9e-41ba-9343-1cc2f59c5a29   /   ext4   defaults,rw,relatime,data=ordered 0 1
    UUID=7908129a-0bfb-4f03-a8c6-d9404a0fc93d   swap   swap   defaults 0 0
    UUID=cff68044-6bdd-4351-807e-70db1f7b427b   /var   ext4   defaults,rw,relatime,data=ordered 0 0
    UUID=e1a8f6fc-ed56-444f-b831-22f0e359ddae   /usr   ext4   defaults,rw,relatime,data=ordered 0 0
    UUID=2dd48996-9187-40df-a676-662bd55c9efd   /home   ext4   defaults,rw,relatime,data=ordered 0 0

    I am mentioning, that for Antergos I used logical volumes in an
    extendend volume, next to Windows 7 with it’s two primary

    Any idea?

  • if its a dvd, bad burn

  • Hi! I am a newbie but I saw this and I was thinking that /usr partition could be mounted 1/100 of a second too late!? Maybe change order on the partitions or do the newbie-thing to have it all on one big partition?

  • @Lizzi: No, it’s an usb-stick. Did an LVM-whole-disk install from that before.

    @womp: I don’t want the all-one-partition, because I want to keep partitions for other OSs and a shared data partition.

    This is what I confirmed in the “Advanced Installation Mode”:


  • You shouldn’t have a separate /usr partition. It worked in the past, but nowadays it will only give you a lot of headaches…

  • @karasu Thanks for the info.
    I don’t like that.

  • that’s a chilling prospect … we are “on our own” guys and gals …

  • One thing from an old guy: We should not listen to everything a computer say!

  • For the moment, I was to lazy to apply the keep-/usr-as-a-separate-partition-instructions and relinquished. Maybe later. Until then, this works:


  • Maybe a warning in Cnchi (advanced) would be nice… also removing /usr from the mount list (it won’t prevent to use it anyway).

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