• Calamares installer good for dual boot with Windows 7

    Yesterday i decided to give the new Calamares installer a go on Manjaro XFCE 2015-09-27 to see if dual booting was possible on Windows 7 without having GRUB write to MBR but rather to / and it worked!

    Had only created a / and /swap (no extended partitions).
    Here are my observations:
    -Startup was slow even after second reboot.
    -Still have a no go issue with printing from usb connected HP LaserJet 1018.

  • We discussed this a long time ago. From the Arch wiki:

    Warning: GRUB strongly discourages installation to a partition boot sector or a partitionless disk as GRUB Legacy or Syslinux does. This setup is prone to breakage, especially during updates, and is not supported by the Arch developers

    Neither by Antergos ones.


  • Oh oh!

    Then someone should post a link to that reference text on PadreGoose’ Youtube tutorial.

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