• System halts at boot

    My system freezes at startup after Grub. The cursor isn’t displayed, no keys are working except which set thr brightness of the screen. Before halting it displays the error 'Failed to find cpu0 device mode.

    Any idea?

  • do you have more than one kernel installed that you could try to boot a different kernel? If so once in install update-grub by opening a terminal and typing sudo pacman -S update-grub and then after it installs, run it with sudo update-grub and i hope that will fix it up for you.

  • if you dont have a kernel that will boot then you’ll have to edit grub and im not good for that. Some one truly capable will have to help you.

  • @Lizzi Unfortunately I don’t have another kernel installed. I could start a machine from the live usb but I didn’t find anything suspicious in the majority of the logs. However lastlog and faillog seems broken, they are full with @ characters.

  • I managed to boot the system by downgrading the kernel from the live USB. :)

  • @István-Mayer how did you do that? A chroot something? Or did you copy the kernel and headers?

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