• [SOLVED] System hang on boot

    Hey together,

    I’ve used arch (antergos) for the last 2 years and this is the first time the system is hanging for me. What’s worse is that I’ve not installed new packages or change anything system-wise in about 14 days.

    After boot the error “Failed to start CLI network filter manager” is shown for a moment. The system freezes on “Starting User Manager for UID 120” or “Reached Target Graphical Interface”, as far as I see randomly. After this point I can’t start or change to a terminal. The hang occurs after gdm was successfully started.

    Additional note: My Postgres Server fails to start since this problem occured this morning. I haven’t been changing or working with it on my current project.

    [EDIT]: I can’t login via a tty. The login process is successful (short flicker), after that I’m back on the login screen of the tty.


  • @Anneira have you tried booting a different kernel? If youve not updated the system or installed anything recently then you might be looking at hardware failure issues, though that would be a worst case scenario.

  • Fixed it by reinstalling nvidia drivers.

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