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    I have a virtualbox vm which runs my owncloud server, amongst other things which I created on an Ubuntu host and runs Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS. How can I run my client in Antergos when I using this distro?

    I’m getting an error

    Could not start the machine <<name>> because the following physical network interfaces were not found:

    eth0 (adapater 1)

    You can either change the machine’s network or stop the machine.

    It runs in bridged mode as I statically assign the ip address for it.

    I still use both Antergos and Ubuntu 15.04 therefore how can configure this so that I can use the VM on either host without network issues?

  • The only bit of so called help i could offer is to ask a question so simple it might annoy you for me to ask it. Are you using eth0 to connect to the internet in Antergos or are you using wifi only? Since VM uses your physical hardware, i think this would matter.

  • Hello, I often run into this issue switching my vm’s among machines.

    I am sadly not running antergos at the moment, however, I am assuming you are NOT running a desktop environment on either machine?

    The issue is probably due to the network interfaces having different names and you will need to redefine them per machine.

    So, your ubuntu is naming the interface eth0 and your antergos box is probably en0.

    Perhaps this will be relevant to your issue?


    If you are running the virtualbox gui, you should be able to just redefine the network adapter in the Network sections.

  • From a terminal run ifconfig. This will give you name of your network adapter.

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