• Weird letter disappearances in some apps?

    I’m not quite sure how to describe it because I’ve honestly never seen such a strange issue before, but in certain apps on the Live ISO certain characters just don’t show up. So far I’ve found this in Cnchi and Screenshot, but it may show up in other apps.

    Examples of what I mean:

  • @Austin-Hutchins It’s important to know that this happens when fully installed, as well.

  • My first guess would be your usb drive or dvd is glitchy. Ho did you create this? if you used usb, what did you use to make it? maybe do a check on the usb drive through gparted to see if its ok.

    are you familiar with the dd command? open a terminal in the folder where the live iso is stored, sudo dd if=thenameofthelive.iso of=/dev/sdX (X is the letter of your drive. gparted can tell you this or you can count your mounted drives where if you have two hard drive and a usb mounted last your usb would be sdc) bs=4096 && sync
    it is usb right or no?

  • I experienced this myself, with both Antergos and Fedora. Appeared to be the open source video drivers working with my Nvidia card. After installing the proprietary drivers, problem went away.

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