• Failure during install: remove_lvm() missing 1 required positional argument: 'device'


    Cnchi 0.12.22 seems to be failing to install within Virutalbox. Default partitioning options were chosen during install.

    <see screenshot below>


  • I am seeing the same error installing to an SSD drive using the whole drive as the default option. If I do the manual partitioning method to install then I don’t see this error but it fails later with another error “Can’t convert ‘bool’ object to str implicitly”. I have a second drive with all my data in an lvm partition. I hope it is not trying to remove that!

  • I have the same issue, not in Virutalbox though.

  • Not only within VirtualBox. I am seeing the same error installing to a HDD drive using Cnchi 0.12.22 and the whole drive as the default option.

    What’s so curious about this is, that it worked once without problems.
    I did one installation, but then decided to redo it, because I wanted it fresh without gui.

    Now I get the issue decribed above, having tried both, the live iso and the minimal iso.

  • This pull request fixes the issue.


    You can manually patch the file yourself within the gui installer or wait for a new installer to be released.

    sudo vi /usr/share/cnchi/cnchi/installation/auto_partition.py


  • Thank you ☺

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