• How to install newer kernel and headers

    Using the gui im not sure which kernels and headers to install because of all the names for them. There doesn’t seem to be, as in other distros, just a generic kernel and header for say 4.2 or 4.3. I have the lts 4.1.8 but would like to try newer. I did manage to parse from the list the liquorix kernel and header. My cat just underwent emergency surgery so please cut me a little slack if this post is not spoken correctly or something. Im trying to distract myself by focusing on this.

  • Also i swa that mainline kernel was installed by default but not the header files.

    Also i have the newer firmware d/l and installed to /usr/lib/firmware for my wifi so its no problem

  • Ok, so i managed to build through aur liquorix kernel and header as well as mainline kernel and header. With that long list of kernels and headers and not knowing which they all mean it could help to label some with a ‘generic’ in the name so they stand out is all im saying like 4.3 generic 4.1 generic etc

  • @Lizzi

    The packages installed besides the theme are coming from the Arch repo. If Lts isn’t selected in the installer the main linux kernel is installed.


    May I ask why you choose to use a different one besides the main Arch linux kernel?

  • Because my cat is in the hospital after having received emergency surgery to save her life and I need a distraction. My crochet yarn is all used up. Thy took out two feet of her intestine that had turned necrotic after the impact of a car that hit her.

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