• Gnome3.18 availability

    Gnome 3.18 has been released and I would like to ask:

    • No need for a new install, an Antergos upgrade will do it ?
    • Does Antergos plan its availability pretty soo ?
  • gnome 3.18 will be on “Extra” very soon.

    check here when it’s available

  • It’s already there. Just updated :)

  • @Adam_eM said:

    It’s already there. Just updated :)

    😄 👍

  • Well, it is here but with many compatibility issues and I am not sure I really got all the benefit of it.
    What I know for sure is that many extensions don’t work anymore and, on my laptop, libreoffice doesn’t launch anymore…

    I don’t recommend to update yet. I plan to do a fresh install within a month to clean the mess up.

    EDIT : changing GTK theme from numix to adwaita solved the Libreoffice issue (as recommended in another post). Still,doesn’t solve the broken extension issue. I don"t have the touchpad and backlight sensor feature neither.

  • With each Gnome update, problems with extensions arise. You have to be patient to wait for the extensions’ developers to update their code to the new Gtk release.

  • @squid-f that’s strange, here Libreoffice works fine with the default numix-frost-light gtk in 3.18. As for the gnome extensions, I only have 1 incompatible extension (the others work fine), so I asked the developer to support 3.18 and he started working on it. Try doing the same :)

  • @knightfall Hi

    For the Libreoffice issue, look here : link to Antergos forum post
    Might not be connected to Gnome 3.18 though

    Extension wise, gno-menu, taskbar and trash are the ones I use and still not compatible yet.

    When I updated to Gnome 3.18, I got a kernel panic at the end. So, I am afraid a fresh install might be needed later on to clean everything up. I might be a be paranoid but it has saved me sometimes to time ;)

  • @squid-f I think you’re right. Nothing bad happened when I updated, but today I tried doing a fresh install and I saw some weird behaviour from gdm and others. I think I’ll follow your example and wait for a while.

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