• How can I install Antergos and make it to be plain Arch?

    For example, the boot screen is the custom Antergos one. And when I boot it up, it says “antergos” instead of “arch”. How can I install just the bare bones?

  • @Antergos12345 said:

    …How can I install just the bare bones?

    You’re speaking about the external Antergos appearance. About Antergos theming. It includes icon and desktop themes, styles, colors, splash and login screens, graphical engines, fonts, etc.

    The Antergos’ installer, Cnchi, is the most advanced and flexible installer among all Linux installers currently on the market. Antergos is themed by some packages, that Cnchi installs by default.

    For advanced users Cnchi allows to define what packages will be installed at a single package level. It is possible to install as few as only one package, or as much as the whole Arch repo.

    It is possible to exclude Antergos-specific theming packages from the installation, by editing the file


    before starting Cnchi. It could be not an easy job.

    Speaking about the content, the only difference between Arch and Antergos is the [antergos] repo, included in Antergos. Nothing else. The repo is very useful. Users of other Arch-based distros add it to their distros.

    By excluding this repo from Antergos you’ll get the Arch.

    If removing the Antergos theming seems to be a difficult task, and you don’t want to install the native Arch, then it is possible to try out two other Arch installers:

    Both install the native Arch, without any theming, with default Arch repos. Bridge installs a bit more user-oriented and useful software than Architect. The latter limits itself for installing a pure, plain, minimal Arch DEs.

    Both remove the most valuable thing offered by Arch - the need to learn how Linux works. Installation is fast, simple, painless, straightforward.

  • @just said: " painless" 😆👏

  • A wise question would be something like
    “How can I make my plain Arch look as beautifully configured as Antergos”?😃
    As said before, even pure, hardcore Archers use Antergos theming and configurations.
    Let alone the ones trying to fool themselves that they went through the Arch way!👎

  • @Antergos12345 You can change the grub theme to default and remove the configs on whatever DE you install. It will re -create the default configurations. Is this what you meant?

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