Hello, I would like to ask about linux and its “relationship” with eMMC cards that are used for storage in cheap laptops.

Some backstory:
I am looking for a laptop to use between work days so that i dont have to turn on my desktop PC everytime and because its much more comfortable. Anyway i found some really interesting and cheap ones from 180 to 230 euro (which is in my price range) however they all have eMMC 32GB cards for storage (which is enough for my use). But i also read a lot of things about linux and how it can act weird when the mentioned cards are used.

I am specifically looking to use AntergOS to precise and depending on what the problems/limitations could be will see if its worth it.

Final note: Some of the laptops have intel atoms (which i read a few older articles on their “friendship” with linux distros) and some have intel celeron (which i think should be fine)

This is one of the PCs in question: http://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-Laptop-Intel-Celeron-Black/dp/B00WR2888U or this: http://www.quotetool.ca/search/product.php?reference=NX.MRSEC.002&pid=82f1da2d8f1b9244ad3999386e823cbf1960bbd4 and another one: http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/laptops/ultraportable-laptops/1402181/asus-eeebook-x205ta-review among others. Just to give you some idea