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    Please leave them a comment about this, if you like the ability to install a custom OS on your computer, a custom OS/firmware on your phone, or custom firmware on your router. They are trying to do away with it.


    Even if a vendor is going to do something, if they’re using a version of linux or whatever, they have to get it certified by the FCC; And they would have to get it recertified if they make any changes at all. And that process costs like 200 or 400 thousand dollars. And that’s why we see a bunch of routers with really old versions of linux on them. Cause that ones already been certified and they can’t touch it. Without having to spend all this money over again. So the current situation is bad enough. The new ones would be like no more OpenWRT, no more install BSD on it. And all of a sudden it’s like all of the vendors that are already not necessarily playing nicely, are going to have to actively interfere with you trying to do anything on your router. And that’s just horrible.

  • That is called the “free” market!!

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