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    I want to make my computer as fast and simple as possible and one part of that is gettings rid of any display managers. I’m using now XDM which is the fastest and most beautiful dm I’ve seen. But I still would like to skip that part. I tried the autostart X at login thing (i.e. added the line to ~/.bash_profile) from Arch wiki, but that didn’t work. I’m using openbox in case that has to do anything with the case.

  • Hi,

    You have to check first that running “startx” runs your session without any problems (that would mean that your .xinitrc file is ok).

    Then you can try to modify your bash_profile to run startx for you.


  • Thanks! Got it working by using this. But then the problem now was that I couldn’t get to the display manager using logout (I’m a newbie as you can see). And using the startx command after logging out started openbox without autostart.sh.

    Decided to stay with lxdm, as it is pretty beautiful (lightDM is ugly as hell) and it has auto-login (couldn’t do that with XDM).

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