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    Hi guys

    Quick question, I am new to Antergos but I have downloaded the ISO and want to install but there isn’t an option to install Plasma 5, only KDE. Is this possible? I am currently using Manjaro with Plasma 5 but want to try Antergos.

  • Hi,

    At this moment I’m afraid there’s no Plasma option. If you really want to try Plasma on Antergos you have to install the “base” installation and then setup plasma yourself (basically doing a sudo pacman -S plasma will do the trick).


  • @notthenewsreader @karasu

    Basic setup from base to plasma:

    First xorg and sound.

     sudo pacman -Syy pulseaudio pulseaudio-alsa xf86-input-synaptics xf86-video-fbdev xf86-video-vesa xorg-apps xorg-fonts xorg-server xorg-server-utils xorg-xinit xorg-xkill mesa mesa-vdpau

    Add pulseaudio-bluetooth to the above list if you want bluetooth support.

    Now Plasma and some essentials.

    sudo pacman -S plasma konsole kate dolphin ark screenfetch reflector gwenview sddm-kcm firefox flashplugin

    Turn it on.

    sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager
    sudo systemctl enable sddm
    sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.service (If you're using bluetooth)


  • @Wyn @karasu Thank you both, I forgot to ask though, if I install it like that, is there any difference between that and the Manjaro version?

  • In your question is the Answer ;)
    2 distros are Arch, but each puts its stamp or condimento.-😆

  • @notthenewsreader If you do it like that or upgrade from kde you will have the default vanilla plasma 5 experience and need to make your own customization. I’m not sure but figure manjaro has their own default setup like kde on antergos has its own.

  • @notthenewsreader

    Installing Plasma on Antergos will come directly from the Arch repos in it’s default settings. Manjaro does not use the Arch repos.

  • @Wyn that’s the answer I was looking for, I REALLY should have explained my question better. That is basically what I wanted to know, thank you all for your answers, especially you, @Wyn. I’m glad someone managed to work out what I was trying (and failing) to ask.

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