• AMD 390X Gallium 0.4 desktop FREEZES (any)

    I have been having this issue with the Gallium 0.4 drivers causing a desktop freeze after displaying anything resembling a video (such as youtube or even a player).

    I have included a log file to try and figure this out, so far it has happened in KDE/GNOME and other distro’s so isn’t specific to Antergos, I believe there must be a way to fix this as it works playing video tasks for a bit but will crash randomly, sometimes instantly.

    Often I will have control of the mouse cursor for a few seconds but then screen goes black for 3 seconds, then back to a frozen desktop screen where nothing can be done. I have noticed sometimes the AUDIO of the video will continue playing in the background, sometimes looping, sometimes not. Very weird issue.

    Here is last GNOME log file from when it played up last.

    [Xorg.0.log.old.tar.gz](uploading 100%) <-- says invalid… I dunno what to do!

  • Someone suggested using [Option “AccelMethod” “EXA” ] in an xorg.conf file (I had to generate one).

    I will try this and if it stops the crashing of the GPU then all is good (will report back).

    FIXED IT, however these drivers are slow for me compared to closed-source. At least they don’t crash no more.

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