• LIVECD radeon invalid ROM contents

    Just wondering whats the best solution for the above issue? first live cd I have encountered that has produced this kind of error. I get a gradient white screen on livecd bootup, so it fails.

    Should I boot into the command and alter the xorg.conf? I will continue looking for a quick fix and reply here on what I find. Thanks for any input.

  • Its probably because I don’t have nomodeset in the grub, I think my card actually requires that to boot the ROM successfully.

  • Hi,

    What did you use to write the image? Did you review the following information?:


    Also, if you have a UEFI Boot system, ensure that you have disabled Secure Boot.

  • Thankyou for reply, yes was the software to write the image. I ended up using a different one that worked (sorry can’t remember name).

    However the installer is balls and falls over whenever it has the slightest issue with downloading a package, no time out retries or alternate download source functions I see. Means REBOOT PC in order to get access to the HDD you install on again, I give cnchi a 1 out of 10 for this. (on my 15th try now).

    Sorry, just saying its ultra frustrating and has been a problem since day 1 after forum research.

  • PS. Gallium 0.4 also freezes the system when playing videos while doing other things. (blackscreen for 1 second after 10seconds, sound keeps playing)

    Going to guess thats related to Gallium not working well with 390x atm as it happens on other distros also. I’ll probably need to start up this bug report myself once this THING installs.

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