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    Have been using Xubuntu for awhile and like it, and also using Gnome, which I like very much. Decided to try working with Antergos and a rolling release model. So this will be a long test experience to see how stable my experience is working with Antergos. So far, shrunk my hard drive enough to give a good 20 gigs to Antergos. Will be dual booting Xubuntu and Antergos. Don’t want to risk my main system and files yet, so just taking a cautious approach to see how this process unfolds.

    So far, my installation went very well, and I got to add my other favorite windowing environment, Gnome. That went well. I have received a few updates since the day of installation and that has gone well. I have questions about how to best handle .pacnew files when they arrive so will try the “yourt -C” comand to compare when that happens. Hope that my reading has helped some.

    So a careful beginning, but ARCH-based systems are relatively new to me. I am not IT trained and retired, so just broadening my horizons. So just a hello to the forum from a newbie. Sorry no question yet.

  • Well that’s great. Welcome Don. :)

  • @Modisc Thanks for your welcome. Hope to hang around a long while as I develop a better understanding. I see that I did a typo in my message, misspelling “yaourt.” Oh well. I was close.

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