• From livecd to sadface

    So I just want to point out that I absolutely love the livecd that you put together using gnome, it defiantly does its job to simulate what an “average” install would be like and it kicks some serious ass. However once you install all of that awesomeness goes away and its just like any other gnome install, which is really quite sad and depressing. With the liveCD it brought my (kinda old) laptop back to life, everything working flawlessly including some things that normally don’t work out of the box. It was like someone gave me a shiny new computer that I was really excited about it, then I installed and you smashed that computer right in front of me. Maybe it was by accident or maybe you did it on purpose I don’t know. I guess what I’m trying to say is, you’re a jerkface and were not friends any more. Unless you tell me that I can somehow get that liveCD image to install, then maybe we can be friends, but you would still be a little shifty. >.>


  • Hi,

    It sounds like something went wrong during the final steps of the installation (which is when all the configuration is performed on the installed system. If you could post your install logs that would help to identify the issue. You can find them in /var/log of your installed system.


  • I hope these are the ones you wanted… faillog [cnchilog.tar.gz](uploading 100%) [cnchilog](uploading 65%)

    Edit: That didn’t quite work out the way it was supposed to. Cnchi log is too large to upload :(
    Edit2: I did find this; [process] DEBUG: Getting url http://install.antergos.com/packages-0.8.xml
    [2015-09-20 12:15:49] [process] WARNING: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
    [2015-09-20 12:15:49] [process] DEBUG: Can’t retrieve remote package list, using the local file instead.

  • @Felixforfood said:

    Edit: That didn’t quite work out the way it was supposed to. Cnchi log is too large to upload :(

    WARNING and DEBUG messages aren’t of much help. The full cnchi.log (either from /tmp or from /var/log ) is still needed to figure out what was happening.

    Pastebin.com is a very convenient service for sharing large files.

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