• Only White screen after installing AMD Catalyst Drivers

    after installing catalyst driver using those instructions I can’t login I get only white screen with a mouse cursor … please help me to fix this or even remove it and restore my opensource driver

  • Hi,

    You should check your logs.

    Check /var/log/lightdm.log and /var/log/Xorg.0.log


  • thank you for your reply . I checked the log files and here is the output:
    lighdm log :
    lighdm log
    xorg.0.log :
    lighdm log
    and during start up I get this error :
    failed to start load kernel modules
    sorry for my English and my bad formatting

  • @Mushir-Abd-alhalim :

    Sorry, I totally forgot about this thread. Did you solve this?

    Did you try to use GDM instead of LightDM ?

  • Catalyst no longer work with the latest updates, which includes kernel4.2.1.

    Yes there are patchs around but often it just leads to other random issues, no one has conclusively released a working driver yet. (I tried the -test driver and patchs, lots of issues, unreliable!).

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