• Wifi drain (?)

    First of all, hello there and thank you for passing by to read about this problem. I’ve been fixing an old laptop so I could use it in uni. It’s a Dell Latitude D420. It used to have windows XP installed, but I decided updating it to Antergos XFCE, as a recommendation by a group of friends. The wireless receptor is a Wlan 1390 MiniCard.

    I must say, I love this OS so far, and I think it really suits my needs, so far. For this problem I’ve searched for too many hours to give up on it at this point.

    After installing the OS with a few packs (including the firewall one, I think it’s the one that can give me the issue). My internet’s bad by itself, my max download speed being 200kbps aprox, but when I use this laptop’s wifi, it only downloads at 10kbps, and it drains any possible wifi from other devices. Making it impossible to browse, let alone download, and to use other devices’ wifi around it. This didn’t happen when I had Windows XP installed.

    I searched around and I saw a couple fixes, like: I had netctrl and NetworkManager at once (I understood they give issues together in that post) so I managed to uninstall netctrl with pacman -R. This didn’t solve my issue, but it seems it didn’t affect anything else, at least on first sight. I also deactivated wpa_supplicant, as another post suggested. Still nothing.

    What data should I provide for this post to give any possible hint? Something else is that when it starts, it says something about not fincing cpu0, and that something (kvn, I think) is deactivated by the BIOS. I don’t know if that has to do anything with this.

  • @themysticwolf Hi

    I don’t know whether it will solve your issue but the link below describes a wifi driver update for a laptop having apparently the same wifi hardware than yours.
    link to Arch wiki

    Don’t be surprised, the wiki is in Czech but the wifi section is English for the driver update part.

    Good luck

  • Thank you for the help, and I’m sorry I couldn’t reply any earlier. I am checking how to install this driver currently, and when I get to the root folder, it’s basically empty (when I managed to see the hidden documents, there’s no folder). I also have no rights to modify it, but for now, I am researching to see how to make the folder, but it somehow doesn’t feel like I should be the one making the folder…?

    In any case, I haven’t managed to install it yet. I’ll update this as soon as I manage to see how to do it, so if I take a while. Until then, maybe a couple tips or hints could be useful (?)

  • Hi

    Have you tried to create the folders with the sudo command ?
    For the rest, sorry, it is behind my competence.

    Hope someone will pick up from there !

  • @themysticwolf yes, you have to be root

    Simply do this:

    sudo su
    pacman -S ndiswrapper
    cd /root
    mkdir drivers
    cd drivers
    wget http://martin.kopta.eu/bcmwl5/bcmwl5.inf
    wget http://martin.kopta.eu/bcmwl5/bcmwl5.sys
    ndiswrapper -i bcmwl5.inf
    ndiswrapper -m
    ndiswrapper -d 14e4:4311 bcmwl5

    Now edit /etc/rc.conf, search the MODULES= line and write in to MODULES=(ndiswrapper)

    nano /etc/rc.conf



  • Thank you so much for these first steps. I managed to download both components and used the ndiswrapper command on them, at least. Sadly, when I try to edit the file rc.conf, it says that I am the one creating it. I searched in the folder myself, and it seems I do not have this file.

    Thank you so much for your time.

  • Hi,

    That’s old information, sorry.
    create this file:
    and inside just add the word ndiswrapper
    You can forget about rc.conf

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