• XFCE seems to be broken.

    XFCE is my favorite desktop env.
    I started a couple of hours ago and tried to fix it. I have removed cache.
    XFCE starts but I have no icons at all. I can not move windows. Terminal is stuck at the top panel. I can open configurator but It angs when I try windowmanager. Unfortunately I can only guess that it has to do with the windowmanager. Probably xfwm then. The computer is a Macbook pro 11.1.
    I have 4 computers with Antergos and they are all updated today. MBP11.1 is the only one with problems. Can somebody give me a hint what to look for?

  • YES!!
    I fixed it!!
    I was probably very lucky! I tried to uninstall XFCE4 and had a lot of trouble doing that. I tried to remember the last things I did in XFCE and I remember installing compiz-xfce. I removed that and now it works again! It is strange that such a small program can make so much damage!
    This matter is solved but I am not sure if I should mark it!?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting your solution, this will surely help others.


  • As the beginner I am, I feel honered!


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