• Shutdown hangs on cgroup: option or name or name mismatch.............

    I have Antergos and Windows 10 installed on the same machine and have setup with efi (Dell 3542)
    When I shutdown the Gnome 3 logs out and when the machine shutsdown the HDD turns off but the screen is still on with cgroup : option or name mismatch, new: 0x0"", old: 0x4 “systemd”
    sudo systemctl --failed brings me “0 loaded units listed. Pass --all to see loaded but inactive units, too.”
    [Picture of shutdown screen where it hangs at] http://imgur.com/nwjrsBR
    I tried sudo shutdown -h now but that also hangs

    my partitons are as follows.
    /dev/sda1 Recovery (windows 10)
    /dev/sda2 EFI (windows 10)
    /dev/sda3 Microsoft Reserved
    /dev/sda4 Windows 10 NTFS
    /dev/sda5 EFI (Antergos)
    /dev/sda6 ext4 (Antergos)
    /dev/sda7 swap

    I tried including my logs and uploading but the logs are at 12mb.
    Which important ones can I paste?

  • Me too. I have the same problem: randomly the computer hangs on shutdown. I have only Antergos running on an iMac mid 2011 with the default partition of the Antergos installation.

  • @Aaron-Holmes : Do you have fast boot enabled in Windows 10? Check if when disabling it the error disappears or not.


  • @karasu I diasabled fastboot in bios, ran grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg and mkinitcpio -p linux in terminal, but it does not fix the shutdown.
    Thank you for trying to help.

  • @Aaron-Holmes said:

    Dell 3542

    Use the following command to grab the journal log from the previous boot (after it hangs on shutdown and has been rebooted):

    sudo journalctl -b -1 > journal.log

    That will output it to a file, then you can copy/paste it on to a pastebin.


  • @lots.0.logs Thanks for the quick reply

  • Hmm…Do you have anything connected to the laptop via USB? What happens when you disconnect them prior to shutting down?

  • No, nothings connected apart from the battery charger.
    I added shutdown to the hook in mkinitcpio i’ll remove that do sudo mkinitcpio -p linux and try rebooting.

    BTW reboot works, which is weird.

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