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    There is an Antergos room on the Matrix network.:


    Link for possible clients:


    Join room using the Riot.im web client.


  • I vote for IRC…

    What it is needed for? we need it for fast communication on maybe incomplete questions…

    So a chat is the right place for that, and it will be to avoid 20-sided discussions inside the forum.
    But it needs to bee reachable easy easy easy, to have it a side all the time with out much boarders.
    Intergratet inside the installer would be very nice!
    also have a preinstalled help account, easely to validate a user or login with username + password…

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    how to add system logs
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  • This is a really old topic. This is no longer being discussed. We’re using a Telegram group with IRC instead. Cheers!

  • as @lots-0-logs said, this is a very old thread and is no longer relevant as it has been decided via the IRC + Telegram bridge.

    However, the comment @BuZZ-dEE made regarding the Matrix room is interesting. In fact, Matrix is even cooler than that because while doing research I found that Matrix already has a Freenode bridge so the IRC channel is already integrated with Matrix.


    Because of this bridge there is no need for a separate Matrix room for Antergos because this Freenode bridge syncs it all together . . . so Antergos chat now includes IRC, Telegram, and Matrix all in one chat. :)

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