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    @lots.0.logs Well it sounds like a decision has been made before you introduced this apparently pointless poll. Why not just make an announcement on the blog and forum announcements saying it will be introduced along side the forum, irc room, and google + community.

  • Hi all,

    Well it sounds like a decision has been made before you introduced this apparently pointless poll

    I can assure you guys that no decision has been made yet. @lots-0-logs proposed an alternative because IRC seems to resist us.

    If @MichaelTunnell and others want to go on using IRC, please by all means, do it.

    Leaving free, open source software for proprietary alternatives I can see the end of FOSS and GNU/Linux at the end of this way. Why Slack and not Matrix for example? Slack doesn’t have a desktop app for Linux even. Only for Mac and Windows!

    I totally agree.

    @lots-0-logs : We should discuss this. I hadn’t realised slack was proprietary software. Why not use matrix as suggested?

    To all, have you read this?
    “It’s not just communities using the platform, either. WordPress.org, the community behind WordPress’ open-source software, recently abandoned its IRC channel and shifted to Slack, citing that IRC is complicated and unfriendly.”

    I’m not saying we should do the same, but it seems clear that this is not a pointless discussion, is it?

  • @karasu

    citing that IRC is complicated and unfriendly.

    There are two webchat links in this topic that remove this argument, you enter a nickname and click enter.


    proposed an alternative because IRC seems to resist us

    Have any ever asked for help? :(

    Why not use matrix as suggested?

    And you can use IRC, which is already setup with more knowledgeable people in the field. It is less work, it is already managed.

  • slant.co: What are the best on-site alternatives to Slack?

    I think one of the most powerful feature for IRC (also Jabber and Email) is that you can choose the client you want. That is not possible with Slack. As far as I can see there a lot of such things like HipChat, Gitter, Slack etc, etc… I think it is good to have a standard.

  • @BuZZ-dEE You can actually use any IRC client to connect to Slack if you want 😉

  • @Mikaela said:

    @lots.0.logs said:

    @BuZZ-dEE You can actually use any IRC client to connect to Slack if you want 😉

    So move from IRC to slack and then say that users are free to choose any IRC client they wish for connecting to slack? With this reason moving anywhere from IRC makes no sense.

    No, I was just pointing out a simple fact based on the concern that was raised. In any case, we’re not going to tell anyone which client to use whether its IRC, Slack, or some other platform.

  • @Mikaela Sorry, That’s your opinion and while I don’t agree with it I can respect it. ;-)

  • @Wyn
    Providing those links is nice and easy. I like it. I feel like discovery is probably the biggest issue and maybe complexity for new users. Posting those two links as a sticky in the forum might even help and also posting those or something similar on the “getting help in IRC” page from the antergos main website. That page has info, but just providing a one click option is easy. When people are frustrated looking for help, sometime there patience to “figure” other stuff out is not there. I also like how mint provides a one click join chat in their distro. People with experience and want to help would probably have there defacto go to irc client already fired up.

    Someone could also argue though, that if they cant join IRC then maybe troubleshooting their issue could be too complicated to start with.

  • I think the link to kiwiirc is a good idea whether you get slack going or not. As @SirWeazel said, if people looking for help (and the forums seem pretty busy now-a-days) had a one click option to instantly join a room and begin asking their question it would be extremely helpful.

  • Instead of Slack, check out GitLab’s Mattermost. http://www.mattermost.org/

    I am still advocating for IRC but if this kind of thing is going to happen either way I would prefer something better than Slack and Open Source . . . Mattermost is both of those. :)

  • I’ve got no notice from @lots.0.logs that this is already working. Am I wrong?

  • @karasu said:

    I’ve got no notice from @lots.0.logs that this is already working. Am I wrong?

    No, you are not wrong. Its not set up yet. I wanted to test some alternatives before moving forward. There will be an announcement when its ready.


  • There is an Antergos room on the Matrix network.:


    Link for possible clients:


    Join room using the Riot.im web client.


  • I vote for IRC…

    What it is needed for? we need it for fast communication on maybe incomplete questions…

    So a chat is the right place for that, and it will be to avoid 20-sided discussions inside the forum.
    But it needs to bee reachable easy easy easy, to have it a side all the time with out much boarders.
    Intergratet inside the installer would be very nice!
    also have a preinstalled help account, easely to validate a user or login with username + password…

  • This is a really old topic. This is no longer being discussed. We’re using a Telegram group with IRC instead. Cheers!

  • as @lots-0-logs said, this is a very old thread and is no longer relevant as it has been decided via the IRC + Telegram bridge.

    However, the comment @BuZZ-dEE made regarding the Matrix room is interesting. In fact, Matrix is even cooler than that because while doing research I found that Matrix already has a Freenode bridge so the IRC channel is already integrated with Matrix.


    Because of this bridge there is no need for a separate Matrix room for Antergos because this Freenode bridge syncs it all together . . . so Antergos chat now includes IRC, Telegram, and Matrix all in one chat. :)

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