• Full Antergos on 2 TB HDD

    Hello. I have a 2TB HDD that is formatted and ready to go. I have a 32gb flash drive with the antergos installation files on it and a windows 7 computer.
    What I want to do:
    Install Antergos COMPLETELY onto my HDD without doing ANYTHING AT ALL to my Windows 7 computer. Then I’d like to boot to the HDD and use it as a full computer- only using the windows computer for its hardware. No files or software will be copied unless I manually move it myself. So, pretty much the same as taking a laptop, overwriting the default os and putting antergos on it, BUT NOT changing ONE THING on the Win7 computer. Also I will be able to download programs and files and make system changes outside of the computer’s BIOS. Please reply. I repeat, I have the install files on my flash drive and have successfully booted to it.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • @Photon I’m on my phone and can’tcite things easily, but it is pretty straight forward. You just shirnk windows partition and then create / /home and /boot and install. I’m sure someone will help if not I get off work at 3 pm CST and can give further help/information then. But until then you could search these forums or just search Google with something like ‘dual boot archlinux windows 7’. Again sorry for not being able to help further but for sure can tomorrow if your issue is not solved.

    Forgot to mention dual booting you will need to use advanced install so you can specify the partitions things will be installed to/used for.

  • Hi,

    You can easily do what you want. Simply choose the HDD that you want Antergos to be installed on during Installation. You can choose the automatic install and it won’t touch your other drive so long as you are sure you select the correct drive when prompted. If you run into any trouble let us know and we’ll be happy to advise you.


  • @lots.0.logs Thanks. Are you ABSOLUTELY sure? I CANNOT do anything to this computer, no offense.

  • Yes, I am sure. Though, it ultimately depends on your choosing the appropriate options to do what you want. All I can guarantee is that the installer is capable of doing what you want. I cannot control what you select during the installation process. It is very straightforward though. There should be no confusion as to what the installer will do once your options have been chosen.

    Best Regards,

  • Thank you. Install full version>erase everything>choose HDD> go? Than it does what I want. I’m sorry I’m checking so much.

  • Yes, that’s right 😄

  • Thank you. I might ask a question later that is very specific if I don’t understand what the choices are, which shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve been going off memory about questions. Again, thanks, you’re awesome. Here goes…


  • Okay, so it worked- I think. It completed without touching my computer (Thank you!!) but when I booted to it it said something about magic and elves on the grub loading screen. I tried to reinstall and now it’s having problems. What can I do?

  • it said something about magic and elves on the grub loading screen.

    You’ll have to be more specific. Can you boot into Antergos? and into Windows? What do you see when you boot your computer? Is grub showing itself?

  • @karasu Sorry to be vague but that’s all I remember. The computer boots perfectly. Antergos does not.

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