• What is the password to use when testing LiveCD

    I downloaded and burned DVD and wanted to add a
    package. I have hunted the password to use and can
    not find it. Please help!

  • Ok, im not exactly sure even though i know it has been answered before. pretty sure issuing su and just pressing enter at the password should work, if not try password and live.

  • su are the word live did not work.

  • There is no password required. What steps did you take that lead to a password being asked for?

    1. I booted into desktop.
    2. I looked around testing.
    3. wanted to install a game.
    4. found game wanted from add software.
    5. mark the package to install.
    6. click to install and then ask for password.
  • @gardenbox53 Oh, okay. Thanks for those details. The GUI PAckage Manager is not enabled for passwordless use. There is not much space available for installing packages but you can do so directly with pacman on the command line if you want (using sudo).

    sudo pacman -S package-name-here


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