• What should I buy HDD, SSD or SSHD?

    I have a HP laptop thats merely 2 years old and heats like anything. (I could cook instant noodles over it). Yes, that means its hotter than Emma Watson.
    But thats not the topic, although a solution to heating would be highly appreciated as well.

    Story starts here : I check gnome-disks quite often and over the past few days I’ve been noticing my HDD’s bad sectors are increasing faster than ebola spreading.

    As you can see there, my Bad Sectors score is extremely high.
    and you’re going to check your score now.
    and you find out you’re not even close.

    Just yeaterday those numbers were 16xxxxx something. Thats 100 thousand new bad sectors in just one day!
    Clearly indicates I’m gonna need a new Storage drive in a few days :D

    I plan to dualboot. I dont usually play games, but when I do, its on windows 7.
    Screenshot shows I have a 320GB drive and I’m actually fine with that, around 60% is occupied.

    I waana spend as less $ as possible.
    I could get 128GB SSD or 500GB HDD or spend $35 more to get 500GB SSHD.

    You know those desktop users who have plenty of space in their cabinet so they shove both SSD and HDD in there… SSHD does it alone, with a lesser NAND storage space than your flash drive (8GB mostly), it outperforms HDDs but is slower than SSD.

    With that, it pretty much sounds like SSHD would be the best choice but I checked reviews and majority of the people are complaining about its unreliability. (Tickling sounds mostly). {Here : http://goo.gl/XCyABV }

    So, What do I buy? SSD or HDD or SSHD ?
    or should I ignore the bad sectors and enjoy my life :D

  • Ssd and hdd. Small ssd for putting antergos on and highly used programs. Hdd for storage/everything else.

    I use a 512gb ssd and 2tb hd.

  • @Yash i wouldnt ignore those bad sectors. thats the beginning of the end most the time. although not all the time. sounds like you could use a SSHD 👍

  • I haven’t used a SSHD, or have researched them, so I can’t provide an answer as whether they are reliable. Of the other two options, if you plan to dualboot, 128GB for both Windows, Antergos, installed programs, games(?) and stored data (photos, videos, music etc), I believe are not enough. So I would consider a larger HDD just for the sake of storage.

  • I’ve had very bad experiences with HP laptops and heating in the past (I’m talking about four/five years ago). One thing that will help is to get a manual, a screwdriver, open it and clean it!!! Yes, seriously, you can’t imagine how dust gets stuck into a laptop. I did it once with a really old laptop and really helped.

    About harddisks… my desktop computer seems a new one since I bought a SSD disk. It’s just 128GB (but I do not dualboot) so it’s more than enough. Lately I bough a 1TB green western digital just for storing data I do not use much (like documents, videos, images, …) and I’m very happy with it (as it’s “green” it’s sleeping most of the time, so my desktop has become the quietest desktop I ever owned). Be careful, it’s not a HD for storing an OS, because it lags when starting to load, but for storing data it’s the best).

  • Thanks everyone
    I think I’ll get an SSHD, seems to be a good combination to me now after watching few youtube videos and reading more about it.

    But after this shit fails finally!

    Update: YAY! More Bad sectors!

    Thats 262,166 more bad sectors in one day!

  • Hi there! We have discussed the durability of SSDs here. Look at Dustin`s comment and link.

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