Hello guys,
i installed Antergos on my Thinkpad X201T. And it works, run perfectly.
I have two or more Questions.
How can i disable the backround change in lightdm?
Because my thinkpad is to slow for this pictures.
I will set a default pictures likes the standard blue backround picture from Antergos.
(I have tried install the lightdm-gtk-greeter, because of the performance
but if i reboot lightdm dont start, comes an error start-limit.
But i wont change the greeter, because i like the antergos theme)

Another questions is. How can i configure the Openbox pipemenu.
I have in my document folder a programm(not installed). I can run it, if i double click on them. How can i add this programm in the Openbox pipemenu e.g. >Applications>Office>Writer?

Can any one help me?