• Cnchi 0.12.1 LVM no go?

    I’ve attempted many tries at installing Antergos with the Cnchi installer 0.12.1, from the 2015.08.18 and 2015.09.09 ISOs.
    I use LVM for my /home partition. (I’ve done this on every distro from Fedora, OpenSuse, Manjaro, Ubuntu (various flavors), Linux Mint and Elementary OS with no problems.)
    From running Cnchi in terminal I noticed right after the Advanced Installer process and install summary confirmation when the actual install starts the installer removes my LV and the VG then it tries to mount and install the home files to the LVM. Which of course since it just removed the LV and VG, so it’s no longer there.
    Once the installation is finished it either reports an error associated to a bad command string or it actually finishes. The problem now after the initial boot my /home folder is now associated to the /root partition and my entire LVM is disabled.

    After much searching the only thing I could find on this issue was from March of this year that was supposedly fixed. But as it stands it does not look like it has been fixed.

  • when the actual install starts the installer removes my LV and the VG

    That’s really strange. I’ll do some checks asap. Could you post here what exactly your partition layout is? Are you using UEFI? Are you using LVM just on your /home?


    EDIT: https://github.com/Antergos/Cnchi/issues/418

  • yes i use UEFI, the partitioning was 200mb EFI, 30 gb /root on the primary hard drive sda1, sda2 respectively. then i have sda3 plus 2 other drives for my LVM, which is sdb1 and the 3rd drive is setup in 2 partitions for storage plus swap. so the LVM breakdown is sda3 + sdb1 + sdc2. the LVM serves as my /home partition.

  • @karasu said:

    It seems it’s the same bug:

    yes, it looks the same issue, but as of the 2015.09.13 iso with the cnchi 12.24 installer it looks like everything is working good. I was able to install without much issues. although during the installer I did choose to have steam installed and after the installation was done steam was not installed. That’s not a major issue by any means but just wanted to note that.

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