• Antergos base + plasma


    i did new install “antergos base”. then i did sudo pacman -S plasma.
    What are the next steps to be able to log into antergos plasma?

    • Install sddm package (if it’s not installed already)
    • Enable sddm in systemd
      systemctl enable sddm.service
    • Reboot and choose Plasma in display manager menu

    Alternatively, you can load plasma without a display manager

    • append exec startkde to your ~/.xinitrc file
    • Reboot, login into the tty and write startx and press enter.
  • thanx.
    I tried “systemctl enable sddm” before. It ends with a blinking curser with no posibilities of interaktion.
    I will trie again with systemctl enable sddm.service

  • I will trie again with systemctl enable sddm.service

    You’ll get the same result.
    If you don’t have any desktop manager installed (no gdm, no lightdm, …) you only need to:

    sudo systemctl enable sddm
    sudo systemctl start sddm


  • hm, only with
    sudo systemctl enable sddm
    sudo systemctl start sddm

    I get the same result, again.

    Probably there’s still missing something. This is what i did:
    -install antergos base with cnchi
    -reboot into antergos base
    -install plasma
    -sudo systemctl enable sddm
    -sudo systemctl start sddm

    Or: How to append exec startkde to my ~/.xinitrc file with command-line?

  • @atergo

    I install plasma from base myself, here are my steps for a working system. The base does not include xorg, you have to download that yourself.

    First xorg and sound.

     sudo pacman -Syy pulseaudio pulseaudio-alsa xf86-input-synaptics xf86-video-fbdev xf86-video-vesa xorg-apps xorg-fonts xorg-server xorg-server-utils xorg-xinit xorg-xkill mesa mesa-vdpau

    Now Plasma and some essentials.

    sudo pacman -S plasma konsole kate dolphin ark screenfetch reflector gwenview sddm-kcm firefox flashplugin

    Now lets turn it on.

    sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager
    sudo systemctl enable sddm
    sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.service (If you have bluetooth)

    Now reboot. Sddm should now start.

  • yep. works. thanx a lot.

    (had to fix little mistakes in your xorg line)

  • @atergo

    Sorry bout that, it’s been fixed. 👍 .

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