• My thoughts about Antergos

    Firstly I’d like to greet all antergos community, and simply say hello.

    I’ve been searching for my distro of choice for years, and eventually i ended up with antergos installed. I used Arch most of the time, but then I had some major boot up issues with it and didn’t wanted to spend hours on installing and / or setting it up again and again. Then I found Cinnarch - it was a good approach, but I didn’t like cinnamon too much - it was very unstable DE for me at the time, so I switched to manjaro - it was nice, but it gave me some boot up issues in time, I didn’t also liked their xfce-oriented philosophy, so when Antergos started, I decided to give it a try. It’s really nice but it also has it’s “buts” which I’d like to mention here.

    First: cnchi - although it looks great and simply, I find it the most unstable installer on earth. I am just on freshly installed Antergos, and still don’t know how did I even manage to set the OS up. It seems so random and unreliable, d’oh :/. Also please consider it should unmount removable devices when trying to have antergos on them :). It would be nice.

    Second thought: the website. Despite of the fact I really like its design - it’s really nice, and clean (as Antergos itself I have to say), it often gives 404s and such… The wiki section seems not to work properly as well.

    Also I didn’t manage to make antergos boot with uefi, but it’s not a major problem since I installed grub on a separate harddisk (it’s a bit annoying though since I have to switch the boot device in bios each boot.

    Guys, I really DO appreciate your work there - the distro is modern-looking (I say it as a graphic-enthusiast) and has all I loved about arch, but it also seems so immature - is installing a matter of luck, or what? :). After all of that I am a happy antergos user now, and pointing all thumbs up for your project :)

  • i agree but so far the conmmunuty is nice! i been searching for my distro also and i think i found it but i been having weird issuse with installing but got fix

  • I have an ‘iso’ from Jan 2015 and it works perfectly. Maybe they should consider using that one and add any enhancements as necessary. I have an MBR bootloader so perhaps the ISO I have wouldn’t be able to handle that.
    But from what I have seen on the forums, the installer is by far the weak point of a great distribution and as far as I am concerned, the only weakness.
    Antergos is one sweet distribution.

  • What I do like the most about it is its consistant look and unusual approach to graphic design… although I am using Iris gtk theme, which I find better than (still great) numix :). But, it’s a matter of personal preferences. I do like the flatty feeling though.

  • I liked the choices given on install. I prefer the Xfce desktop as I have customized it to my liking.


    Xfce is, to my way of thinking, the best DE. You can customize it to your liking, it uses minimal amount of ram and when done right, looks as good as any Gnome/KDE desktop. Of course opinions vary… lol

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