• How is the first installed using getting sudo privileges?

    I always set up every system with an UID=1000 administrator user. I also manage sudo access by creating a sudo group, uncommenting the sudo line in /etc/sudoers, and adding users to the sudo group as needed.

    On playing with my first Antergos install I noticed that the initially created user, administrator, has sudo privileges even though the wheel group isn’t uncommented in the /etc/sudoers file and the user isn’t listed directly, either. How is this administrative user (i.e. the user created on install) getting sudo privileges?

  • I know this is a bit old but I’m curious too. I was trying to alter the sudoers file so I could temporarily run sudo with NOPASSWD but couldn’t even figure out how I was being granted sudo since the only thing permitted to use sudo according to the file was root.

  • I just found it. It looks like the installer adds a file /etc/sudoers.d/10-installer that contains your user with ALL=(ALL) ALL

  • Good catch! Somehow I overlooked the /etc/sudoers.d file when I posted this question.

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