I’m a fairly experienced Arch user, somewhat new to Antergos. I’ve recently been trying to set up a system with an nVidia GeForce GTX 750 graphics card, and have run in to a number of edge case issues with every desktop environment I’ve tried so far. The Mate + lightdm environment provided by Antergos works fairly well, save for one problem: When I try to swich users, the resulting new user screen is low resolution, like it’s using some other non-optimal video driver; and when I try and check it using the Control Center Display application, it tells me that the display is “unidentified” even though it is working perfectly on the original user screen.

I’m using the current (352.x) nvidia driver from the Arch repository. The nouveau driver isn’t working at all for this card.

I’m reporting this here on the off chance someone has an idea about how to fix this. Maybe use gdm instead of lightdm? I usually use sddm with Mate and have never had a problem until now. Sddm does much worse – you can’t logout or switch users. The only way to log out is <Ctrl>-<Alt.-<F2> and systemctl restart sddm.