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    im bluzeo and new user of antergos and i am loving it but i need help what are the comands to update the system in the conmadline?

  • @bluzeo Welcome to Antergos.

    There’s only one command to upgrade the whole system. It’s pretty simple:

    sudo pacman -Syu

    The above command doesn’t upgrade packages installed from the AUR, though. If you have such packages, the whole system may be upgraded with:

    yaourt -Syua

    The yaourt command must be executed with the standard user’s account. It doesn’t need to be prefixed with sudo . The command will ask for password, if needed.

  • @just said:

    yaourt -Syua

    thnks man- i am loving this arch base distro- just landed an job and dont have time to install arch the arch way

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