• Cnchi 0.12.x failing. Can I downgrade it on the install CD?

    Hi All

    I installed Antergos + Cinnamon from the minimal iso on two machines over the last two days. Great job and, yes, I plan to make one of those donations.

    I have an issue with my 3rd and most important machine. Cnchi failed during the middle of installation and I tried several times. One thing that I noticed was different is the cnchi was automatically updated to the 0.12.x version and the other installs were the 0.10.x version.

    So, how do I prevent cnchi from upgrading? It seems I have no control of that process. Perhaps a confirmation dialog box should be added. Alternatively, can I download the previous version of manually downgrade cnchi? If so, is there a URL to the previous version?


  • OK. I do have an update that I am not sure will be too helpful.

    I tried installing after fresh reboots 3 times. It seemed to fail differently every time. I then went out to the store and tried a 4th time so that I could post a log file. The install work perfectly. The only difference was that I did not select the extra fonts or libreoffice. I am not sure what to say to add more useful information – no error log because it worked.

    Could cnchi have been updated again? It was 0.12.1.

  • Could you post the cnchi log? You can find it in /tmp/cnchi.log

  • no error log because it worked.

    The log is always stored in /var/log , so you can go there (from your installed system) and grab it ;)

    But what’s always more important is to grab a failing log. As @Wyn told you it’s always in /tmp


  • Hi

    I am guessing there is no point in posting the log for the successful install. Thanks for the responses and Antergos is a really great project,

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