• Sudo shutdown -h not working...

    sometimes i used: sudo shutdown -h xx:xx, for stopping my laptop after a delay. Since some weeks, i noticed that it stopped immediatly after that ! i don’t know why…

  • sudo shutdown -h now

    works perfectly in max-upgraded Antergos-Mate, -Cinnamon, -Gnome, -Kde4.

    Hitting [Enter] to shutdown Antergos.

  • hi, i don’t want “now”, but that’s what happens with every indication of time. For example at “12:00”, if i write “sudo shutdown -h 13:00”, the shutdown is now !

  • It could be related to incongruent locale and datetime settings.

    My current local time is 13:45 right now.

    Antergos-Mate was powered off 10 min ago with the

    sudo shutdown -h 13:35


    Then, the computer was powered on back again.

    The current local time is 13:46.

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