• Default upper panel.

    I deleted the top panel on my MATE desktop by accident. I am attempting to restore the panel and cannot find the wifi menu that was there before, I cannot get the numix battery icon back.

    • Wi-Fi indicator (marked left) is contained within the Notification Area applet

    • Battery indicator (marked right) is contained in the Battery Charge Monitor applet


    Right-click somewhere on a free panel’s area, or on its left-right (top-bottom) extremetees, select Add to Panel… menu option, and add two applets to the panel:

    • Notification Area

    • Battery Charge Monitor

  • @just Thank you very much for the response :). I was able to get my battery monitor back onto my panel, however I cannot get the numix icon for the battery back. I am also trying to get the wifi monitor back on the panel as well. Any further help would be very much appreciated.

  • @tony.ray said:

    …however I cannot get the numix icon for the battery back.

    Can’t figure out what icon you’re talking about. Can you post back here the full path to the icon you’d like to see on the panel? Similar to this:


    I am also trying to get the wifi monitor back on the panel as well.

    Again, what do you mean with “wifi monitor”? Is it an applet, an icon, an application launcher, a custom application launcher? What are you referring to with “wifi monitor”, exactly?


    This is the image of the freshly installed, unmodified, untouched, virgin Antergos-Mate desktop


    Can you edit the image and mark what you’re missing from it? After that, please post the edited image back here.

  • topPanel.png
    It’s the icon with the bars that indicate signal strength and if i remember correctly I believe it shows you available networks when you click on it.

  • @tony.ray Ok, got it.
    The icon should automagically appear whenever any kind of Internet connection is established. It’s out of user’s control with Gnome 3 GUI.

    Make sure you’re connected to Internet with other tools.

  • I have verified via ping, wifi-menu and network connections that I am in face connected to a network and the icon does not show up, also I am running the MATE desktop not Gnome 3. :)

  • @tony.ray said:

    …also I am running the MATE desktop not Gnome 3. :)

    Yes, sure, sorry. My bad. Sure, Mate, not Gnome 3. I’m loosing myself among various DEs, forums, e-mail, chats, distros, etc.

    Do you have Notification Area applet in the panel? Can you take a screenshot of your panel and post it here?

  • Here is a shot of the upper right corner of my panel.

  • @tony.ray I can’t find the Notification Area applet on this image. Is it added to the panel? Internet connections indicator is contained within this applet. There’s no a separate applet for it.

  • That’s what it was!! It was the notification area.
    Thank you!

  • @tony.ray said:

    That’s what it was!! It was the notification area…

    I’m glad you have sorted the problem out.

    The next time, could you read the answers with a bit more attention? The first line of the first answer to the OP suggests to add Notification Area applet to the panel. It is repeated several times in subsequent answers. You could have the problem solved 2 days ago.

    Marking the topic as Solved.

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