• Macbook Air - Trackpad Issues

    Hi All-

    Recently installed antergos, but I’m running into one issue with the touchpad. The installed drivers work to navigate (+ click to select), but no multitouch capabilities are there by default, nor does the trackpad recognize when I’m typing. This is on a Macbook Air mid-2011 edition. Is there any way to enable two-finger right click (without tap) – I don’t care much for the other 3 and 4 finger stuff. I have found a few things online in arch forums, but they are pretty over my head exactly what they are doing. I tried gpointing as a GUI alternative, but the options are very minimal.


    Note: By default- 3 fingers + tap = right-click. I guess I just need to learn how to setup these device settings to mimic OSX.

  • Hi, which desktop are you using?

  • Hello!

    I am a old newbie and have Antergos on 2 MacBook pros. Trackpad/toucpad is a difficulty. You have at least 3 options. The default xf886-synaptics, xf86-synaptics-git (aur) and xf86-mtrack-git (aur). There are a big number of ways to configure and you have to see your configuring as a work in progress that sometimes fails! If you run multiple desktop environments you have to configure each individually. If you put som work into it you will be rewarded!

  • I have to correct myself here!
    KDE-Plasma and Gnome3 will not work very well if you edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptic.conf with commands of your liking. KDE-Plasma and Gnome3 must be configured from whithin and not edit synaptics.conf file.
    This means that you choose (kind of) desktop environment/window-manager and that makes me a little sad. I like almost all of them but this week Cinnamon is my favorite!

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